Jaisalmer Tourism Guide

As you drive into the dusty desert town of Rajasthan you will encounter one of the most ethereal sights imaginable. A golden desert skyline dominated by the spirals and turrets of what must have once been a majestic fort; and you can be sure that you are in Jaisalmer. The location may be remote however this ethereal desert town is home to some of the most exotic forts and desert camps.

Trading Options

Strategically located on the southern tip of the state, Jaisalmer was once the hub of trade and barter considering that it lay on the Camel Silk Route. Thus it could well be concluded that Jaisalmer is the one stop destination for those looking for heritage and adventure without compromising on quality eating and leisure to say the least!

Things to Do

The ethereal desert geography and those mystical sand dunes that continue to change their position from one location to another invariably set the stage for some interesting things to do:

1) Desert ‘Off Road’ Options

Sand Dunes bashing is not limited to Arabs and Arabian Nights. The golden town of Jaisalmer is home to some of the most exotic Sand Dune rides and ‘Off Road’ activities to date. Thus it is scarcely surprising that the famous Sam Dunes which are in close proximity to Jaisalmer are a hub of activity with adventure enthusiasts queuing up for some adrenalin pumping activities.

2) Parasailing and the Desert

Enjoy the ambience and absorb the desert magic by sunset as you waft through the sky with the world at your feet! This is a true one for the adventure enthusiast considering that your parachute will be attached to a jeep which cruises through the sand dunes.

3) Para motoring

Your desert sojourn just got even more exciting, considering that there is more to this desert town and you could opt for a Para motoring trip through the desert sky. All that you would need to do is to take the ride and enjoy the aerial view of the Thar Desert. As you glide through the desert sky at a safe height you would experience of sheer exhilaration which has few parallels if any.

4) Quad Biking

Your desert experience continues to be wanting until you opt for the much talked about Quad Biking option. Ride this 200 cc bike over the dunes and the desert sand as you absorb the scenic beauty around you. If you have kids with you, there is good news for them too; most facilities will provide you with a mini Quad powered by a 50 cc engine firing and raring to go.

5) Camp and Dine

If you would like to truly enjoy the magic of the Thar then it is imperative that you spend a night under the desert sky. This is best done by checking into one of the innumerable desert camps that have mushroomed around the desert town of Jaisalmer. There is more to the experience than merely sleeping under the stars considering that these camps have luxury Swiss tents, exotic cuisines from Rajasthan and some very authentic folk music which you will continue to cherish for years to come.

6) Camel Safari

Camels are not new to Jaisalmer considering that they were instrumental in traversing the famous silk route in medieval times. In present times they are the last word in travelling over Thar Desert in contemporary times. If you are on a leisure trip to exotic Rajasthan make sure that you opt for a Camel Safari per se.

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