New Delhi Travel Guide

The capital territory of India, there is more to New Delhi than just being the political powerhouse of one of the most rapidly emerging economies of the world. A subtle mix of ancient traditions and contemporary lifestyles, there are few metropolitan cities in the world which could parallel the culture that is typical of Delhi. This is not surprising considering that the city was first invaded by the Mauryans  way back in the third century B.C. followed by the more aggressive Mughals in medieval times and finally by the British. The city heritage is a mix of traditions and cultures of these invaders who have all left their mark on Delhi.

Things to Do in New Delhi

When in Delhi, rest assured that you will not have a single sedate experience provided that you plan right. Some of the most exciting and adventurous places may well include:

1) Valley Crossing and Rock Climbing

Start your day early, the preferred time being 8 AM and be prepared for an experience which could take more than four hours of your time. Strategically located in Gurgaon Biodiversity Park, you could take your choice between rappelling, rock climbing and valley crossing.

2) Air Safaris

On the contrary if you would rather be airborne then head for the Air Safari. If flying has been your fascination or you have visualized flying with the birds since you were a child, then rest assured that your dreams are about to come true. All that you need to do is to opt for an Air Safari utilizing an interesting flight using a propeller, motor and a parachute harness.

3) The Segway Tour

If you are an early riser and enjoy your share of adventure, then you could opt for the famous Rajpath Segway Tour. Segway is essentially a two wheeled battery propelled vehicle and when you cruise through the majestic roads of Rajpath and ministerial areas like the central secretariat at six in the morning, the experience is nothing short of ethereal.

4) The Heritage Tour

On the contrary if you would like to explore the backstreets of old Delhi and experience the culture from close quarters then you could opt for an organized cycling tour which would take you through some dinghy and some picturesque locales. What makes the tour all the more fascinating is the fact that if you would like to stop to taste some exotic cuisines of Old Delhi fame, you are at liberty to do so!

5) The ATV Ride

The All Terrain Vehicle or ATV, as it is more commonly abbreviated is the perfect option for adventure enthusiasts. This quad bike can be run on any terrain, the more rugged the topography so much more interesting is the ride! The tyres are partially deflated or run on low pressure and you could have the time of your life provided that you enjoy adventure.

All that you need to do is to step into the sparkling metro train  and travel through time, from the mystical backstreets of old Delhi with their Mughlai cuisines to the more colonial Connaught Place or CP as it is more commonly connoted. Finally you could be cruising in a cab through South Delhi and Gurgaon with a glimpse of some glitzy malls and high speed highway which could take you all the way to Jaipur.

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