Jodhpur Tourism Guide

The name is suggestive considering that Jodhpur was founded by Rathore Chieftain Rao Jodha.

This is arguably one of the most ancient cities in the desert state of Rajasthan as it came into existence way back in the year 1459.

Jodhpur or the ‘Sun City’ as it is better known is predominantly divided into the old walled city and New Jodhpur.

When in Jodhpur you will never have a moment of boredom considering that there are innumerable options for the avid traveller:

Things to Do

A city of forts and ethnic extravaganza some of the major tourist attractions would include:

1) Dunes and Desert

Known for its golden sand dunes and ethereal sunsets, there is more to Jodhpur than just monuments. A two day desert camp is an experience that you cannot bypass.

If you are short on time, plan a one day camping option, the organizers will get you to check in at 2 PM and you are checked out at 10 AM next morning unless you plan to extend your stay and provided that they have the availability.

2) Dinner and Dunes

Under the twinkling stars with a pleasant desert breeze caressing your face there is nothing more invigorating and relaxing than dinner on the dunes.

Plan a surprise party, planned weekend or a romantic evening under the desert sky and create that spell which you will nurture and linger for years to come.

3) Meharngarh Fort

The majestic Meharngarh fort has been uniquely constructed as it is perpendicular to the ground and is perched on a 120 m high vertical cliff.

The battlements are a staggering 6 m to 36 m in height with the base merging imperceptibly with the cliff on which it stands.

Thus it is scarcely surprising that this fort was at best impregnable to foreign invasion in medieval times.

4) Ummed Bhavan Palace

An architectural marvel beyond compare, Ummed Bhavan Palace is home to some of the most exquisite architecture and relics known to mankind.

A typical example of ethnicity and commercial excellence, the Palace is a subtle blend of ethnicity and modernity with some aesthetic corners and a rich heritage history.

5) Mandore Gardens

Mandore is a mere 5 miles from Jodhpur and was once the capital of Mewar.  This ancient town finds mention in the Ramayana and has a fascinating history.

Once the pride of the Jodhpur kings this magnificent town and gardens are now in ruins and the monuments are reminiscent of the glory of a bygone era.

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