A popular beach destination in Western India, this ancient Portuguese Colony is now a one stop destination for domestic and international tourists alike.

Known for its long coastline and innumerable beaches, Goa continues to mesmerize and beckon. If you are a beach lover then you can scarcely overlook this ethereal tourist destination.

Things to Do

When in Goa you are never short of ideas or activities, considering that this is arguably one of the most happening tourist destinations in the country.

1) Marine Magic

If you are a water enthusiast and have are intrigued by Scuba Diving, and then now is the time to get in some experience and enjoy a 12 m deep foray into the clear blue Arabian Sea.

Unravel the mystique of marine life and deep sea life by taking a scuba [email protected] Island. There is more to it than just marine life for this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity or alternatively it may grow on you as a healthy habit!

2) Hot Air Balloons

There is more to Goa than just the sea, the fact that you could actually ride in a Hot Air Balloon in Goa is standing evidence of the fact.

The experience is mesmerizing as your ground crew inflates the balloon and lights up the propane burners. In thirty minutes your will be ready for your flight and are joined in the basket by your pilot.

As you and your pilot experiment with different heights, you will find the aerial view of Goa mesmerizing to say the least.

3) Water Options

One of the major reasons that tourists return to Goa year on year is water sports. There are innumerable options to select and the choice will depend on your personal inclination at that point of time.

Thus regardless of whether you would like to sail a dinghy or windsurf along the beach, Goa has the right options for you.

4) River Rafting

 Yes you got it right! If you are a river rafting enthusiast you do not have to wait until you take the right vacation to Manali for pursuing your passion.

White River Rafting on Mondovi River is one experience that you will cherish for years to come. The entire stretch is ten Km and you get some challenging rapids en route.

5) Parasailing

When in Goa one of the most exhilarating experiences is to go Parasailing. The process is simple; your organizers will latch your parachute to the speedboat. As it gathers speed you will be lifted off the water and will begin the ride the waves without actually touching them.

As you begin to experiment, your instructor may help you go higher up and as you enjoy the flight with the birds the aerial view of mystical Goa will take on a new dimension.

If you would like to touch the water, it is possible that you would get a chance to do that while you are still hooked on to the speedboat.

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