How Tour Cupid Works

Tour Cupid is a Travel Buddy finding service.

Never travel alone from now on. Tour Cupid helps you find your perfect Travel Buddy. Tour Cupid is easy to use and safe for everyone. In order to find a co-traveller, all that you have to do is specify your trip details like where you want to visit, duration of your trip, gender and age of person with whom you want to travel. Once you have entered your preferences you need to login with your Facebook account to porceed.

Once you have logged in, we'll search for active trips in our system and if we find any trip matching your preference, we'll display those to you. Then you can choose to request the traveller to go along.

If there are no matching trips then we will create a new trip for you in our system and ask you to enter a few more details about the trip. Once you have created the trip, you can share it with your Facebook friends so that if someone in your friendlist is interested, they can join you. That's it once you have created a trip, other Tour Cupid users can search and if interested they will request to join you. Off course it's up to you if you want to accept or reject the request. We'll share your email ids with each other only when you accept the request. Thus you can take it forward from there.

You can also browse other profiles on Tour Cupid and send them a friend request. Once they accept your request, you can email them or chat with them. Does it get simpler than this? So don't waste time, create a free account now.