Frequently asked question

Escorts are not allowed!

  • 1. How is this *any* different from an escort service?

    Tour Cupid has been launched to connect solo travellers and to provide a platform to initiate a communication with each other. This is not a marketplace for escorts and neither does it allow escorts. As the only way of signing in is via Facebook and we check if the Facebook profile is verified or not so there is no way one an join the website with a fake account. And most importantly the website provides a medium for connecting with fellow travellers but the final decision whether to go together or not is up on the users themselves. This means that users are advised to use their best judgment to screen potential travel partners. Additionally, when traveling to unfamiliar destinations, we advise users to remain aware of their surroundings at all times.

  • 2. You do know that escort services/pimping/pandering etc everything is illegal in india, right?

    Tour Cupid is not an escort service. It's a website for finding potential travel bussies who need not be of different sex either. Tour Cupid only provides a medium for connecting like minded people. These like minded people could plan to go for a trek to the Himalayas, a short weekend trip to a hill station, a photowalk, a cultural event or movie in the same city or an exotic vacation in a beach as well.

    Off course the vision of the website is to connect young lovely women who want to travel places with rich handsome men who are single and won't mind paying for both. The assumption is that these rich men aren't generally too social to seek a co-traveller for their trip while on the flip side these young women find it unsafe to travel to an unknown location and would rather prefer travelling with someone who they can communicate with prior to the trip. If these men are generous enough, they can pay for the trip themselves of they can split the expenses. It's entirely up to their discretion.

    Dating websites are not legal in India. Webstes/apps like Tinder, Fropper, Truly Madly or for that matter all provide a medium for connecting two like-minded people. Furthermore websites like Miss Travel or Tourbar providing similar service of finding travel buddies have active members from India.

  • 3. What are the safety measures you have taken on ur website? Logging via a facebook profile amounts to ZERO safety. anyone can make a facebook profile which in itself has absolutely no verification of who's running it.

    Facebook has a verified flag which requires one to verify their mobile number. We can the verified flag before allowing the member to join Tour Cupid. Off course someone could join Facebook itself with a fake identity but as mentioned above Tour Cupid expects it's users to use their judgement and communicate well before they plan to travel together. For that matter users on Facebook or any other dating website like Tinder also chat with each other before taking the next steps and Tour Cupid is no different in that aspect. While in Tinder it's purely based on photos and information provided by users on Tour Cupid it's based on their common interest of travelling to new places.